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2023-2024 Season

Monday & Wednesday @ 11:45am practice (Individuals)

**New** pending signups
Wednesday @ 6:45pm practice
Teams & Individuals

Thursday Ladies @ 9:20am practice (Teams & Individuals)

Mixed Leagues
Thursday Mixed @ 6:20pm practice (Teams & Individuals)

Friday Mixed @ 6:20 practice (Teams & Individuals)

Saturdays Mixed

1st Saturday each month @ 6:20pm practice

2nd & 4th Saturday each month @ 6:20pm practice

3rd Saturday each month @ 6:20pm practice

Saturday Youth @ 9:50am practice

If interested in any of these leagues or thinking of
bring your League to Laraway

Want to move your League to Laraway ?
Openings on
Sunday, Monday & Wednesday evenings

Sunday thru Friday afternoons

Please email or call Laraway at 815.485.5177
and ask for Carl or Jerry